Student Evaluation
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  4. 1. The scheme of work for the subject was clear (giving details by week of topics covered, reading references and past exam questions) and was given out at the start of the course
  5. 2. The scheme of work covers the CIMA syllabus and learning outcomes in the appropriate depth
  6. 3. The scheme of work has been adhered to
  7. 4. The balance between types of learning/teaching methods was appropriate
  8. 5. The pace of learning was appropriate for me
  9. 6. The main text adopted was useful
  10. 7. The recommended reading material and work out of class was clearly communicated and of use
  11. 8. There was good use made of past paper questions
  12. 9. Course material were of the appropriate standard
  13. 10. Assignments were marked promptly and returned with solutions and useful feedback
  14. 11. Mock exam were of an appropriate standard
  15. 12. Mock exams were marked promptly and returned with solutions and useful feedback
  16. 13. All lectures were delivered in a clear and understandable manner
  17. 14. Attendance of Lecturers was consistent and students were notified if a Lecturer was unavailable and a suitable replacement was provided.
  18. 15. The facilities were appropriate
  19. 16. Significant value was added to my study by attending classes rather than by using the manuals only

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